The project includes series of artworks made of plastic bags glued on polycarbonate sheets. The artworks are made with no paints or other traditional materials such as canvas, brush, bronze or anything institutional. Exclusively with plastic bags – some of them are branded with titles from the boutiques, shops, supermarkets, some just garbage bags. All the material was collected by public with assistance of AlaDalaArt (art of colorful steppe) –  action that was started in 2016. 

SOMEWHERE IN THE GREAT STEPPE is about Kazakhstan – the territory, the people and the archetypes of the nation. The wide territory of steppe is almost all covered by plastic trash. Even when the trash is replaced to the docks the wind thoughts it across the steppe and often the trash is never picked up anyway. At the same time people mostly live in cities and have to survive in plastic jungle of Kazakhstan bureaucracy. 

The present reality is of course plastic and it is not a discovery. What is the discovery is the harsh realization that there is not much one can change at this point except for probably an attempt to live with it and search for new ethical forms within this plastic reality.